Meet Raja Chaudhry

About Me

Raja Chaudhry moved to Dallas with his parents in 1984. They uprooted their family for a better future here in Dallas, Texas. He attended Forest Meadow Junior High, and later Lake Highlands High School. Raja worked at a hotel, a grocery store, and a gas station near his home during his high school years to help his parents pay the bills.

After graduating from Lake Highlands High School in 1986, Raja enrolled in Richland College, and later in the Business School of the University of North Texas.

He commuted daily from his home in Lake Highlands to UNT in Denton to help watch his three younger brothers while his parents worked late hours.

His father took a chance in 1987 and opened a small transportation company.

Throughout his time at UNT, Raja was constantly helping his father grow the new family business. Raja lost his father in 1996 to a tragic incidence of violence. As the eldest child, he took on the responsibility of ensuring his younger brothers completed their education. Raja’s brothers did indeed become successful; one going to Business school at UT Arlington, the second becoming a civil engineer from Texas Tech University, and the youngest brother attending LSU and now as a doctor, serving as an International expert on Health Policy Development & Regulations.

Raja also transformed the family business alongside his brothers into a very successful company while raising his three boys with his wife, Maliha.

In 2004 he decided to expand A2Z into the charter bus company. By 2010, he was operating the largest transportation company in Texas providing Chartered Buses for the Dallas Cowboys, Gaylord Texans, TD Jakes Ministries, local colleges, and school districts.

However, he was forced to sell the charter bus portion of the company due to his struggle with his health issues in 2014. A year later, Raja was blessed to be given a second chance as a kidney transplant recipient. As he regained his health, he launched another Charter Bus company in 2018, now becoming the largest transportation vendor for Greyhound in Texas.

Raja is a prime example of a successful businessman that moved to the United States and accomplished the American dream through hard work, determination, and perseverance despite many challenges.

His financial contributions in the expansion of Islamic Center of Irving, Islamic Center of Frisco, and numerous local organizations like Rotary Club of Irving and Asian American Chamber of Commerce is his way of repaying the community that gave him the opportunity to be financially successful. Raja continues to contribute to the Thanksgiving food drive for homeless in Dallas, and meals for inmates at Hutchins Correction Facility in Dallas.

As a donor of the Democratic Party, Raja has also developed vital relationships with local Dallas leadership, and national leadership.

Raja is ready for a new chapter in his life. He wants to focus on serving his North Dallas community through Public Service.